Vivi is proud to present to you DANCERS LOVE DOGS

This sweet story is about how a series of photographs became the poster images to represent DANCERS LOVE DOGS, an amazing non-profit that helps homeless dogs in shelters.


Founded in May 2012, by Brigitte Reeve-Taylor, the organization DANCERS LOVE DOGS is a true labor of love - a very noble collaboration of dancers, dog lovers, and theaters in South Africa donate their time & energy to annual dance performances in Cape Town, Johannesburg, and Durban. Each ticket pays for a sheltered dog's sterilization. Today, more than 10,000 sheltered dogs have been sterilized since the organization's foundation.

The DANCERS LOVE DOGS poster features Gelsey Kirkland's pointe shoe

The photo series was inspired by a pair of magical pointe shoes worn by American prima ballerina, Gelsey Kirkland, in her historical 1978 performance of La Sylphide with American Ballet Theatre. Ms. Kirkland generously gifted her pair of pointe shoes to Vanessa in 1978.

Gelsey Kirkland's pointe shoes are a gift that keeps on giving.
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