This Is Very Vivi from Very ViVi on Vimeo.

Beautiful Strange: Seeing Flying Fish
Wishing You A Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year (Movie)
How Did I Wake Up In This Dream?
Morning Run
Raising Butterflies
Floor Exercises by Vivi
Here's To "YOU" ~ 2011 Finale!
Me On The Dance Floor ~ Not Quite The Baby Ballerina Yet
ViVi Views ViVi
ViVi & The Mirror - Part 1
ViVi & The Mirror - Part 2
Do'n The Gurly Shuffle With Mo Mo
ViVi's First Swim
My First Puppy Crush
ViVi's Pre-Home Coming



Very Vivi, inspired in true love, is dedicated to the loving remembrance of Wayne Thomsen, who had brought Vivi home to us on August 21, 2009.


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Pet Sitter

Anthem Country Club's resident pet sitter since 2015.


Private sessions in ballet, astrology & mindful practices.


Creator of Miniarcs, Very Vivi, Great Barks & other works.

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