"Remember the sky you were born under. Know each of the star's stories. Remember the Moon. Know who she is."

~ Joy Harjo





"After consulting a number of astrologers in the past 25 years, what sets Vanessa apart is her extraordinary ability to not just read but interpret the chart. She has an intuitive nature that is very right on. She is articulate and cultured and gives analogies to aid your understanding of your horoscope. Most astrologers sound like they are speaking Greek and I miss the meaning."


~ Pamela, Scottsdale AZ  

Astromythology illuminates our epic story. 

Hello, and welcome reader:


I am an Astro-mythologer.  The motto of my art form, astromythology, is Ad Astra, aim for the stars - become your "all time star."  

My artwork is autobiographical and inspired by the myths that are most prominent in the horoscope. I place the biographical events into their cyclical context using Monthmatics which reveals the developmental phase of the myths.



Examples from the collection of my unfolding story.


I began studying astrology after my early careers in ballet (1982-83) and architectural design & model building (1990-92).

Xantippe Bookstore, Amsterdam

From 1994-1999, I lived in a red brick Amsterdam canal house located on the Prinsengracht. I discovered the world of symbology by reading books that I bought at Xantippe bookstore and read in my 3rd story attic room, while listening to the centuries old Dutch Westerkerk's church bells striking noon every day. 


By the time I left Holland in December 1999, I had the suspicion that life is written in the stars because archetypal psychology is cycle logical to life formation.

Stellar Lumen Cymatics

The Wandering Stellar Lumens: 


The cymatic planets are sonoluminescent wandering stellar lumens. We see them traveling across our night sky on their respective courses creating an expressway, called the ecliptic, in front of the entire spinning dome backdrop of constellations. The fixed stars are reference points to an outer band of transcendental super-consciousness streaming down onto terra firma, our stationary plane of inertia, planet earth, or the fixed ground under our feet which is the stage on which we play out our mythological stories.  

The Analemma

The toroidal expressway of radiant wandering stellar lumens are energized by the Sun.  Each completed cycle of the sun over the course of 365 and 1/4 days creates a mobius coil pattern called the analemma (the sun's annular pathway), which is also the symbol of infinity and forms the figure 8. 


It is truly wondrous how fruits are toroidal growths sprung out of decayed flowers produced from the tree of life. One torus begets another torus, and on to infinity through the vegetation cycle.

Human Mobius Coil System: Scalar Heart

Looking at our circulatory system, isn't it miraculous that our beating heart, which is housed inside of our torso, pumps and pulses a mobius coil feed-back loop of red-blood (high in oxygen) and blue-blood (low in oxygen)? 

Sketches for Monthmatics

Woman's fertility cycle also follows an interlooping feedback principle based on ovulating and menstruating. The menstrual phase preps women to be cognizant of death, while the ovulatory phase makes women aware that they have potential to create life. A taboo of menstruation is merely the taboo of death.  Akin to life & death, we wake & sleep, our moon waxes & wanes, and summer takes turns with winter. Likewise, we are born and we will die, once our heart stops working.


Our natal horoscope is a phenomenal blueprint of our electromagnetic emotional intelligence.  Our life stories are written by the mythological stories of the stars, which entail archetypal characters that are energized by precise star alignments making numerous aspect patterns. The mythological backdrops in our respective lives reflect the psychological cycle logic of all the spheres in the heavens above terra firma Earth.


If you wish to discover the creative archetypes playing out in your lunar cycles and seasons, or have interest in commissioning an Astromythology artwork, it would truly be my pleasure to hear from you!


Ad Astra...

Vanessa Tiegs, MA

Artist & Creative Mentor


info {at} vanessatiegs {dot} com.  


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