The Art of Using Astrological Insight To Answer Our Most Important Questions About Ourself & Our Life

Pegasus, Moon, Labyrinth & Earth by Vanessa Tiegs

Astrology is an ancient art of cosmological divination. It answers questions to those who ask.  


Our natal horoscope contains the energetic codes of our originality - the natural tendencies of our dynamic self - our personality traits.


Our horoscope is our space time signature of our first breath.  The significance of this is that it is from this very moment that we become separate from our mother after our umbilical cord is cut. We now start breathing on our own, evolving as a unique entity whole unto our self. Our space time signature is our dynamic stamp that opens our stage to life.


Our natal horoscope offers clues to help us remember our life purpose. Our natal chart lays out the dynamic relationships (moving speeds, distances, sacred geometric patterns, and exact alignments) formed between earth and the celestial bodies (planets, asteroids, TNOs, fixed stars, and even black holes) at the precise moment of our birth.


We will live out and express our horoscope as naturally as we speak our mother tongue. Why? The energies that the celestial bodies in the sky formed when we were born are uniquely familiar to our soul's code. Clusters of celestial bodies in our chart often form sacred geometrical patterns that create harmonious and challenging force fields. Knowing their energetic effects can offer us insight into how we behave, react, relate, and endeavor to present and recreate ourself in the world.


If we seek a deeper understanding of our dynamic stamp, or a reason for our past, present and future challenges, then astrology can give us additional clarity. An astrology reading highlights our greatest attributes and natural abilities. It reminds us of our strengths when conflicts or challenges arise. An astrologer also maps out our personal timeframe like a weatherman predicts when storms appear and coldfronts pass. 


Life tests the depth of our self-knowledge. To be accountable for our actions when conflicts, challenges and changes arise, we must truly know ourself. The degree of our self-awareness determines how we take the test of life. And, it is not whether we pass or fail the test, but rather, how we ultimately choose to evolve through life. For sometimes, we subconsciously take the delusional (easiest) way out which is not a conducive way through, but it will teach us lessons and leave us scars.


Our actions are motivated by emotions that are inspired or provoked (arising out of love or fear). How we act is our choice. The depth of our maturity is measured by our virtue - our personal expression of our inner state. Self-integrity shapes our pursuit of happiness. 


So, knowing ourself, being true to ourself, following our bliss, listening to our heart, pursuing happiness, and discovering our natal chart... these are all the same thing.

In preparation for your reading and what to expect:


  1. Provide your name, date, time, and location of birth; 
  2. Write down your questions, being as direct as possible by opening them with why, how, what, or when and number your questions in order of importance to you; 
  3. I will personally address each question in my reading on a deep level for up to 30-minutes. I will leave you with an artfully hand-drawn rendering of the specific relational parts of your horoscope that elucidate the answers. You will receive a printable high-resolution color digital PDF file the answers to each of your questions.
  4. Choose phone, Facetime or Skype;
  5. Plan to record your session using your own voice recording device, as I no longer do this; 
I offer up to 30-minute private consultations to answer your specific questions.
Submit your payment to schedule your appointment.

"Remember the sky you were born under. Know each of the star's stories. Remember the Moon. Know who she is."

~ Joy Harjo





"After consulting a number of astrologers in the past 25 years, what sets Vanessa apart is her extraordinary ability to not just read but interpret the chart. She has an intuitive nature that is very right on. She is articulate and cultured and gives analogies to aid your understanding of your horoscope. Most astrologers sound like they are speaking Greek and I miss the meaning."


~ Pamela, Scottsdale AZ  

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