Personalized Consultations:

1) Natal: Our natal chart encapsulates the circuitry of our original state of emotional intelligence from which our magnetic power will begin to develop throughout life. Our natal chart maps the frozen space-time moment of our first breath when we detached from our mother's life line. Price: sliding scale $80-100/hour


2) Asteroids, Centaurs & TNO's: Similar to a natal reading but focused on a another layer of celestial bodies: asteroids, which often indicate a person's fated mythologies in life; centaurs, which reveal inherited psychological wounds passed through generations of humanity, and TNO's, which are Trans-Neptunian Objects, such as Sedna and Eris. If any of these three kinds of celestial bodies align in parallel or within a very tight orb with a personal natal planets, or along a primary axis, such as the nodal, ascendant or midheaven axis, then their mythology merits discussion. Price: $100/hour


3) Transits: Transits to our natal horoscope show when the magnetically charged areas of our chart will be stressed or emphasized, allowing us to experience them more strongly. Transits are electrical surges to our magetic field. Transits give us lessons to learn, which bring new insights. Transits from personal and transpersonal planets are looked at thoroughly and the starting and ending dates of the transit periods are given in this reading. Price: $100/hour


4) Progressions: How far have we developed our emotional intelligence since our time of birth? Progressions reveal the current state of our progress on any given day in our life. This reading also examines our Lunar Progressed Cycle, thus explaining our current stage of development relative to the 29-year Saturn cycles since our birth. Price: $100/hour


5) Partner Synastry: This reading examines how you and another magnetize towards each other. It draws upon both of your natal charts and both of your progressed charts. It exposes where your relationship feels familiar and comfortable and where your relationship meets challenges and may benefit from special attention and deeper awareness. Using both people's progressed charts, it describes the current state of the magnetic evolution created by the relationship. Price: $200/hour


6) Monthmatics: A system for gaining menstrual insight and using menstrual power. I offer my Master Degree thesis material to women interested in experiencing Mindful Menstruation. Price: Sliding scale $80-100/hour


Thank you very much. It is an honor to work with you.  


I will happily schedule your one-hour natal chart reading via Skype or Facetime. After your Natal Reading you may book the other types of consultations.


I accept a sliding scale donation ($80-$100) via PayPal for your first natal reading, which must be paid prior to confirming our schedule. Should you need to reschedule, please notify me at least 48-hours in advance. Thank you again.



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