From The Fingers of Sedna

From the Fingers of Sedna ~ by Vanessa Tiegs

Sedna is the Inuit goddess who created anew out of the violently dissected and painfully dismembered parts of her body, her 10 fingers. How did she create without fingers? Her myth speaks to all her gentleness and nurturing love, despite all her enormous suffering from having endured deep betrayals from those whom she trusted and were supposed to love her. She created new sea life forms from the stubs of her hands. Her fingers had been horribly chopped off by own her father just before she fell into the ocean and sank to the very bottom of the ocean.

Sedna is a TNO (Trans-Neptunian Object), meaning that its location in space is further away from us than Neptune, which is pretty far out there. Sedna is 31 times Neptune's distance at her most elongated distant point (aphelion), making Sedna one of the most distant known objects.  In my natal horoscope, Sedna is exactly conjunct my True North Node of the Moon, which is also called Rahu, the head of the orobus, and my Descendant, or that portion of the zodiac which was at the very lowest on the earth's horizon at the time I was born.


In 2010, my lower spine was dismembered but successfully welded with a titanium plate and four screws, which is seen in my x-ray that I incorporated in the center of my art piece below called, "True South Node Zero Scorpio."

The True South Node of the Moon is known as Ketu, or the tail in the Orobus.

From my research, experience and personal observations and understanding of astrology and pyschology, the most precious part of every person's horoscope is their Ascendant. This is the area of our horoscope that reveals how our persona takes form. The Ascendant is our lens into the world which we attach to our camera, or our physical being, our body, our very own physicality housing our organs under the biggest organ, our skin.

This work of art depicts my Ascendant, which is Scorpio, tightly conjunct Ketu, along with a busy stellium consisting of Mars, Vesta, Astraea, Hypatia & Neptune.

Klotho weaves the thread of life; Lachesis measures the thread of life; Atropos cuts the thread of life



Faces of Pluto 

Portraits of Pluto: Seven Gates from Vanessa Tiegs on Vimeo.

Pluto rules the underworld, the entire realm of Hell. As the God of Death, (Hades in Greek), he reigns over all darkness deep inside the bowels of the Earth, where crude oil, diamonds and gold - the most precious resources - are mined (mind), and where seeds germinate underground during winter. In my natal chart, Venus (which was traveling retrograde when I was born) was waning balsamic to Pluto, Uranus and Juno (aka Hera), signifying the great Plutonic depth & intensity of my feminine (or anima). 

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