Named for all the sweet and loving joy she would bring to my life (vie means life in French), Vivi leaves smiles where ever she's seen. This international Golden cover pup has her own greeting cards with Avanti Press.



As the poster pup for the non-profit organization, Dancers Love Dogs, Vivi is loved by the dancers in South Africa who dance their annual performances free of charge to raise funds to help sterilize sheltered dogs.



The place to see dogs interviewed.



Modern miniature interiors I designed, staged, built and photographed have been featured in magazine publications and several online miniature blog websites.


Menstrala is a series of 88 paintings created to affirm the hidden forbidden bright red cycle of renewal. 


"The Medium Is The Message." ~ Marshall McLuhan

Mind & Menstrala is inspired by the star's stories in my natal horoscope. These autobio-astro-mythological works combine fragments of my Menstrala art with self-portraits.

This underwater self-portrait was created during Pluto's 3-year transit over my natal Moon.

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