Klotho weaves the thread of life; Lachesis measures the thread of life; Atropos cuts the thread of life



From The Fingers of Sedna

From the Fingers of Sedna ~ by Vanessa Tiegs

Sedna is a large red-surfaced TNO (Trans-Neptunian Object) orbiting the Sun in our Solar System. Sedna is 31 times Neptune's distance at the most elongated distant point (aphelion) of its unusual orbit, making Sedna one of the most distant known objects in the Solar System.


The True South Node of the Moon is known as Ketu, or the tail in the Orobus.


When I was born, True South Node of the Moon was entering Scorpio, at zero degrees, and exactly in conjunction with my Ascendant Sign. It is this precious part of every horoscope where the persona takes form. 



Faces of Pluto 

Portraits of Pluto: Seven Gates from Vanessa Tiegs on Vimeo.

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