Examples of Repulsion

"..the absolute worst thing that any bitch has ever thought of"

"ughgh i....i...i just....im more disgusted with that than anything ive ever been disgusted at. ever. everything. moreso than chunky dunking. fucking disgusting.."

"i hope you are aware of how much i absolutely hate you for posting that link. and...how much i hate myself for clicking on that aforementioned link...and reading and looking at the whole site...this idiot probably shops at earth shoe...oh god why..."

"blech. not even funny. i hate that dumb bitch so much. lets get her kicked off livejournal."

"i'm gonna have to say that's the most disgusting thing i've ever seen including the movie faces of death. What the hell does she think she is accomplishing with that? and how does she name the paintings?"
"Never knew a dead premature fetus egg sauce could also come out so beautiful."

"how scary!!!! i am bout to faint hearing MENSTRUAL BLOOD for PAINTINGS......ewwwwwww..............."

"yikes... thinking about using menstrual blood is just disgusting. if shes trying to promote herself as a shock artist, she is definitely succeeding."

"EEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKSSSSSS!!!!!! it's so disgusting! maybe blood lovers will like them.... vampires?"

"...these paintings r starting to scare me... this is a bit too much 'creativity' for me."

"This stuff is pretty sick!!! These radicals!!!  I think the topic of menstrual blood is quite open nowadays, so it is unnecessary to have these disgusting paintings."

"this is really disgusting... art is about creative... but not this kinda of creative!"

"ewwwww!!! i wonder if those paintings like rot or anything..god that's nastyy.."
No! Menstrual Blood Paintings No! Bad freak! Don't paint with menstrual blood! BAD! BAD!

"Getting a reaction is not art, getting people to talk about what defines art is what makes art, art. In that regard these blood works have had a master stroke here (pun intended)."

"cant she just use paint? it would be just as effective! it begs the question of just how much of it has to do with art, how much is for shock value."

"Well obviously being a ballerina wasn't working, and she wasn't that great of an artist, so she had to get a gimmick."

"It's more than that; she's a Feminazi in need of a gimmick, obviously... she's just looking for any way possible to be able to say she is "groundbreaking" because she needs mass attention."
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