Monthmatics is a visual system taught in 4-modules with illustrative handouts, your unique Lunarscope and The Monthmatics Glossary. I teach my system to students in 6 hours over a 4-week period. The course pinpoints your current month in the context of your 29.5 year life cycle, called your progressed lunar cycle. Monthly, Monthmatics can help you add cycle logic intuition to your life and career. Yearly, Monthmatics can help you increase your cycle logic power.

 The Four Modules of Monthmatics

Remember Cycle Logic

Reactivate Lunar Logic

Redevelop Cyclical Renewal

Refine Renewal Power

Monthmatics is a personalized guide that can help you navigate through your 29.5-year progressed lunar cycle (PLC). Your PLC is divided into 8 developmental phases, each spanning approximately 3.5 years. Monthmatics helps us track our psychological progress along our life path. The system also serves as a structural repository for past data, if we care to investigate past cyclical patterns. The system is like a visual scanner - it shows patterns in a monthly and a yearly context. Each month, we complete our own Lunarscope, a colored mandala template. And, each year, this data is converted into our Solarscope, until our larger 29.5 year picture is complete.

Who Is The Target Audience?


  • Artists creating their past, present & future autobiomythology 
  • Emerging women leaders
  • Astrologers (western and vedic), life coaches, & psychologists
  • Millennials practicing daily mindfulness through meditation, yoga, astrology, etc.
  • Mothers with adolescent daughters

If you're interested in learning more, please read my Introduction to the course:

Monthmatics: The Cycle Logic Decoder

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