What you'll know how to do after incorporating Monthmatics for 3 or more consecutive months (a season):  

  • know & trust your own sense of timing
  • ground your feeling-intuition-hunches
  • form empowering healthy habits
  • achieve enduring results through cyclical progress
  • benefit from following the dependable lunar cycle (learn what the moon's regular rhythm offers)
  • pinpoint your current phase in your 30-year life cycle
  • excel in using your natal moon phase energy every month
  • grow your momentum - ride the cyclically growing wave of your dreams & goals
  • renew when it is best and strive when it is easiest
4 lunar phases = 4 weekly practices

Week 1 / Phase 1: NEW "Listen & Emerge"

New Moon to First Quarter: The 1st week and 1st phase of the cycle is for listening instinctually to recognize what you will be developing and further building upon in this lunation. 

Week 2 / Phase 2: WAXING "Activate & Accelerate"

Waxing Moon to Full Moon: During the 2nd week and 2nd phase of each lunation, take action. Energy accelerates, like a shoot bursting above ground. Expose your underlying concept driving your goal. Keep your focus sharp, improve and perfect your ideas, manifest your intentions. 

Week 3 / Phase 3: FULL "Experience & Coast"

Full Moon to Last Quarter: In the 3rd week and 3rd phase of each lunation, your hard efforts and work have manifested tangible results. Make use of your achievement, share your knowledge, enjoy the fruits of your progress.  Coast, you earned it. 

Week 4 / Phase 4: WANING "Transform & Renew"

Waning Moon Last Quarter to Dark: In the 4th closing week and final 4th phase of each lunation, reel back your energy & start to reprioritize. Assess your practical objectives, re-evaluate any parts of your concept that weren't achieved. Recognize the work needed in the next cycle to deepen and better fulfill the meaning of your project. Refocus your energy inwardly. Prepare for an opportunity to cyclically evolve your concept.


  • Should I know astrology? No, not at all. You will use simple geometry.
  • Is my birthdate required? Yes, to determine your natal moon phase.
  • Can I take Monthmatics at my own pace? Yes, the lunar cycle is connective and forgiving. Four weeks of exercises correlate to the four moon phases.
  • Do I need to menstruate? No, Monthmatics reconnects all of us, male and female, with the lunar cycle regardless whether we menstruate or not.
  • So, can men learn Monthmatics? Absolutely yes!
  • What will I need to do? Become more visually aware of the moon's changing phases and track your developments using the Monthmatics calendar of cyclical time.
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