Ready for A Liftoff

The 1st-Tier Lunarscope of Monthmatics by Vanessa Tiegs

What began as a system that I began creating in 1994 for practicing what I have called, Monthmatics: Mindful Menstruation Method, is now ready to be coded into a personal app. I currently am looking for an experienced coder to join my team.


What can Monthmatics do?


  1. Used as a clock, Monthmatics pinpoints the current phase, or the life stage, of an event within its own cycle of development in time.
  2. Used as a system, Monthmatics tracks in live time the progress of an unfolding cyclical event, allowing such progress to be compared to that of previous cycles as well as projecting out into the future the quality of progress to come.
  3. Used regularly (daily, monthly, weekly or annually), Monthmatics stacks patterns within their seasons, and identifies and analzyes newly developing anomalies.
  4. Used over a long span of time, Monthmatics measures and analyzes evolutionary changes in 30+ year long cycles.
  5. Used as a personal app, Monthmatics calculates and maps out a life compass based on the user's birth time. Furthermore, Monthmatics as a personal app correlates the user's recorded life's events into 30-year progressions, and includes a countdown of the time remaining before the re-synching (z-pinching), or periodic reset occurs within their personal Saturn-Moon Matrix.
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