1) Is Something Missing?

Are we missing a monthly commencement every time the moon makes her dance pass with the sun?


Have we become human doings

forgetting to be human beings

in need of cyclical monthly renewal?

2) Linear Time vs. Cyclical Time

Do we take a linear path to burnout? Or, do we follow the path to cyclical renewal? It's our choice.

Cycles are alternating states of energetic expansion and contraction. Before the cycle's expansion state reccurs, a natural pause offers the opportunity to renew. 


Three ways to reconnect with cyclical time:


1) We know the changing characteristics of the four seasons created by the solar cycle (the sun's cross-quarter phases). Why not know (and apply) the seasonal characteristics of the moon's cross-quarter phases each month?


2) We know our solar returns (how old we are in years as measured by the number of times the earth has revolved around the sun). Why not recognize our lunar returns and know how old we are monthmatically? Why not look at our life in a larger cyclical context? And why not use our natal lunar phase energy? It is only to our advantage to know and express it.


3) We know when the sun rises and sets. Why not be aware when the moon rises and sets day and night throughout its lunation? 

One of the practices in Module 1: Remember is to use a 24-hour clock and notice if you regard the cyclical day & night hours differently?

3) What's Apparent After 50 Years?

In 1963, Betty Friedan, my Smith College alumna, called out "the problem that has no name." The Feminine Mystique changed the lives of many American women by bringing their restlessness to public attention. More than 50 years later, many women are successful world leaders. Yet, many emerging mindful women leaders insist that something is missing in the big picture despite their success. They are trying to fill a void that "has no name."




"Women are struggling to prove themselves" and "seek an environment that allows us to flex our intuition," says Chantel Pierrat, who is exploring a feminine paradigm for business.


"You are overwhelmed, so busy exhausted, stressed out? You are also successful by our cultural standard," begins Terri Cole in her introductory video. 

4) What's The Answer?

Cultivating monthly cyclical renewal emphasizes cycle logical awareness and Monthmatics establishes a femcentric perspective - existence defined through cycle logical nature, which women embody through their fertility cycle. 

Cultivating intuition activates lunar-awareness; activating lunar awareness is a practice. The 4 weekly modules correspond to 4 lunation phases (New Moon, Waxing Moon, Full Moon & Waning Moon).

Module 1: Remember

New Moon Phase: Week 1

Rotation logic is the foundation of our existence and is also the premise for practicing the Monthmatics renewal system.  

Module 2: Activate

Waxing Moon: Week 2

Repatterning our awareness of time from linear to cyclical perspectives. Increase your awareness of the earth-moon-sun inter-relationships and energetic powers.

Module 3: Use

Full Moon: Week 3

What does it feel like to practice lunar logic? What will it entail, and how will you benefit and change positively going forward?

Module 4: Digest

Waning Moon: Week 4

Learn everything you need to know about your Progressed Lunar Cycle unique to the natal moon phase when you were born.

5) The Benefits of Monthmatical Renewal (Integrating Cyclical Time)


  • creative intuition improves (Monthmatics measures by how much)
  • solutions develop progressively for greater endurance
  • motivation increases following renewal
  • life events crystalize in the context of cyclical time
  • time is more meaningfully experienced when mirroring cyclical energy
  • we do not burn out; instead we continually renew


Creative intuition is self-empowering. Monthmatics measures how much and also:


  • illustrates the systematic logic of all cycles
  • is transformative
  • motivates us "daymatically" and "monthmatically"
  • focuses on monthly renewal (Daymatics concentrates on daily renewal through consious breathwork, Yoga, diet, meditation and other focusing activities, like dream work, shadow work, journal work, sand-tray therapy, writing, etc).
  • connects us with the cosmos. (Daymatics connects us with the earth).
  • is a form of cosmetikos - how we order Chaos. 
  • gives us new terms without social constructs invalidating renewal
From Level I Monthmatics - identifying social constructs

I originally created Monthmatics for Mindful Menstruators.  In my qualitative studymindful menstruators increased their intuition, improved their life, and supported their career goals. The system can be implemented by non-menstruating women and men as well.

6) Conclusion

Solar logic is conscious to us and feels like second nature. We know the seasons, the sunrise and sunset, high noon and midnight.


Lunar logic is unconscious, and Monday, the day of the week almost everybody dreads, is named after the moon. Attending to lunar logic feels like learning a foreign language: what's a moon phase? what are phasal energies? What time does the moon rise? set? appear tonight? appear tomorrow? where are we in the lunation? when will the moon be full again? when is it time for us to cyclically renew?

From Monthmatics Module 1 - today's problem "that has no name"

It's possible that "the further you look into your past, the further you can look into your future." Your natal horoscope reveals how you are inclined to express your cycle logic power.

Contact me if you have questions. 

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