MONTHMATICS: Mindful Menstruation (MMM)

Welcome!  I am so thrilled that you have found Monthmatics.


It is exciting organic information that is easy to remember and apply. Why? Because it is both psychological and cycle logical. I present the materials in a cyclical context and I do believe that once you have grasped it, you will not want to go back to calendaring time in linear rows. Also, you will discover a new femcentric vocabulary of lunar-etomology. 


You can practice Monthmatics without having a menstrual cycle (although when I created my mentorship program I catered it for women who want to improve their menstrual experience).


Twelve intensive one-on-one sessions will help you naturally renew yourself physically, mentally, creatively, spiritually, emotionally and consciously.


We start our 1-hour long video-chats within the week of the first new moon of each new season.  The program progresses throughout the season's 3 lunations, for a total of 12 sessions personally catered to your experiences while refering to your natal astrology. 


By commencing with the first New Moon of the season, you will begin applying the material in tandem with the conditions of the season. The waxing and waning lunar energies associated with the solar rays (whether it be summer, spring, winter or fall) will support your learning curve. When you finish the program by the end of that season, you will attain greater lunar consciousness. Then, in the next season, you are able to apply, or embody your future lunar renewals.


There is zero cost. You simply must commit to learning the material from the beginning until the end.


Below is the upcoming commencement. We will start in the week of July 9th 2021 and finish in the week of September 28th, for a total of 12 personalized 1-hour sessions scheduled regularly each week.

Upcoming Summer Schedule
  New Moon 1st Q Full Moon Last Q
Lunation Cardinal: Jul 9 Jul 17 Jul 23 Jul 31
Lunation Fixed: Aug 8 Aug 15 Aug 22 Aug 30
Lunation Mutable: Sep 6 Sep 13 Sep 20 Sep 28

Graduates become qualified teaching assistants if they wish. Teaching deepens our insight into what we have learned.


For more details, please write to me: info {at} vanessatiegs {dot} com.


I look forward to meeting you!


Vanessa Tiegs, M.A.

Artist & Creative Mentor

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