Re-Creating Your Autobiomythology

"Human behavior flows from three main sources: desire, emotion, and knowledge." - Plato

Your natal horoscope is a source code of your originality.  

It encapsulates the moment you were detached from the umbilical cord and took your first breath of life.

When we study your horoscope to explore your life's purpose,  be prepared!  

You can uncover challenges and denials.  But you can also discover ways to achieve greater mastery of traits, such as your intuitive skills, talents, inclinations, and passions.

Knowing your natal horoscope and highlighting it through your lunar progressions and transits will allow you to reassess the tests of the past and prepare for the tests from the future with helpful insights.

Life is a test of our self-knowledge and self-awareness.

We grow through strife, or the pains of growth.

When unexpected changes, conflicts, crises, or setbacks arise, astrology is one very fascinating tool that can clarify the timing of newly emerging themes.

To book your astro reading, you will need to provide your time and place of birth. 


Remember the sky you were born under.

Know each of the star's stories.

Remember the Moon.

Know who she is.


~ Joy Harjo



"After consulting a number of astrologers in the past 25 years, what sets Vanessa apart is her extraordinary ability to not just read but interpret the chart. She has an intuitive nature that is very right on. She is articulate and cultured and gives analogies to aid your understanding of your horoscope. Most astrologers sound like they are speaking Greek and I miss the meaning."   

Pamela, Scottsdale AZ

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