To Die Knowingly, by Vanessa Tiegs

In the movie, True Detective, Rust Cohle explains, "Death created Time to grow the things that it would kill."


If that is so, then conversely, Life created Time to remember the things that it would birth.


If Death is the closure of our accumulated consciousness, then to die knowingly is to let go of all that we know, like laying down to sleep. And perhaps Death is Sleep's Big Sister. (The grammatical gender for the word Death in modern day romance languages and in Latin is feminine).


Conversely, living consciously is our attempt to reclaim what we have forgotten. 


Then, "if a tree falls in the forest, does anybody hear?" Does collective human consciousness uphold our world for us? Most likely yes.


In answer to the riddle, cyclical learning is emphasized over linear learning In Monthmatics. Learning is how much we gain to understand through living life.


If we prefer growing slowly, we learn less in less time but if we prefer growing quickly, we learn more in more time. We get retested sooner rather than later, but at what rate?


Monthmatics reveals our renewal rate - it exposes patterns of cyclical repetition over a 29.5 year cycle, called our Secondary Progressed Lunar Cycle.


So, "to be, or not to be" is "a desired way to transform knowing into being," teaches Archangel Raziel, the Keeper of Secrets and Angel of Mysteries associated with one of the Four Worlds of Kabbalistic Theory.


Raziel teaches that while we are alive in human being form, we may find a connection among all souls. He calls it an energetic matrix of information that everyone can benefit from.


This is also how Monthmatics decodes cycle logic power by emphasizing our very personal connection to this universe.


Cyclical rotation is constant. Humanity is on a spiraling conveyer belt. We enter rotational existence inside the womb and we exit rotational existence by dying. Thus, rotation logic applies to us as long as we breathe, which too is a cycle of inhalation and exhalation. Cyclical rotation is a reality for all human beings.


Our passages between the endings and beginnings of cycles, such as the monthmatical 29.5 day long lunar cycle or the 29.5 year long Progressed Lunar Cycle, may be forgotten or remembered "dark nights of the soul."  We choose to remember or forget those passages. 


If we want awareness it takes an effort to cyclically renew and if we want to renew, it takes an intention to develop cycle logic power.


Cyclical renewal is symbolized by Pegasus, the winged horse, or a Phoenix rising from the ashes.


Vanessa Tiegs, Full Moon, April 10, 2017


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