Anthem Country Club's Monthly Magazine: Inside The Gates 

Presents the cutest dogs in Anthem Country Club, photographed by resident pet photographer and licensed pet sitter, Vanessa Tiegs.




























Meet Lola & Gidget from Colony Lake, two King Charles Cavaliers.  These sweet girls just love going on their walks and being outdoors meeting new friends.


Meet Roxy from Weatheford

Roxy is a 9-year old rescued Chihuahua and a very lucky precious pup, for she survived a coyote attack last summer and has healed remarkably fast and well! Big cheers for Roxy! To all loving pet owners, please think twice about using a doggy door, and stay safe!


Meet Fifi, Charlie & Kita from Colony Lake

Meet the adorable trio from Colony Lake: Fifi is outgoing and curious. Charlie is playful and flirtatious. Kita is bashful and introspective. They each have an affectionate love of life, people and other dogs.

Meet Puppy Dog, Nicknamed PD from Dessert Highlands

PD is a three-year old Boston Terrier who knows how to pose for the camera. She loves her ball and can fly through the air to catch it.

Meet Ziggy from Weatheford

Ziggy is a playful and springy 3-year old pup who always has a big smile on his face. He is known for jumping up high straight in the air on command.

Meet Teddy from Weatheford

Teddy is a vegetarian Shih Tzus who was rescued from Wagging Tails Rescue in Las Vegas. He has a sister named Tulip and a brother named Tubby, who are also vegetarian Shih Tzus.

Meet Mocha from Colony Lake

Mocha is a 12-year small Shepherd Mix who does not look or act a day her age. While she is a little hard of hearing, she loves running outdoors playing happily in her backyard.

Meet Ruby from Weatheford

Ruby is a joyful 2-year old Shipoo who loves meeting people, children and other friendly dogs around her neighborhood. 

Meet Trooper & Lenore from East Laurel

Trooper is a 1-1/2 year old Goldendoodle and Lenore is his 11-year old sister. They both enjoy chasing their ball, and Trooper is crazy about going swimming in his mom & dad's pool.

Meet Zach & Zoey from Club Vista

Zach is the apricot Poodle and Zoey is the oatmeal Poodle. They are 2-year old energetic frisky playmates. But when they're not chasing after one another, they will sit on command for cookie treats.

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