MINIARCS: Vanessa's Modern Miniatures

Miniarcs are my modern architectural design sets staged and built in the scale of 1-inch equals 1-foot. 

PRESS: ReadyMade Magazine Features Vanessa's Miniarcs

ReadyMade Magazine featured my Miniarcs.

Good morning San Francisco! A miniature penthouse bedroom I designed & built in a 1-inch-equals-one-foot miniature scale. I photographed these modern miniature design sets from the 33rd floor of 101 California Street, San Francisco, the famous glass skyscraper designed by architect Philip Johnson. I photographed Miniarcs at the crack of dawn to capture the magical morning light of a springtime sunrise over the Bay. I designed and built Miniarcs to exemplify the space and luxury of The Ultimate Penthouse overlooking the San Francisco Bay. 

Miniarcs ~ San Francisco Highrise Bedroom Stage Set in Miniature
Miniarcs: Morning Sunrise Penthouse - miniature stage set

While I was majoring in Architectural History at Smith College, I worked two summer internships at the architectural firms of Skidmore Owings & Merrill and Robert A.M. Stern Architects. I learned two methods for constructing models: one by hand, the other by CAD laser assembly.  

My first architectural model built entirely by hand, The Halpern House, built for Robert A.M. Stern Architects

Years later, in 2007, while I was living and working in San Francisco, I returned to the art of model building and the result was the creation of Minarcs, which I designed, built, and photographed using the views from my office window at 101 California Street.

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