A Daughter's Workshop

On Mindful Menstruation 


Over the years, I have had the pleasure of helping mothers and daughters untap the forgotten powers of their menstrual cycle.

If you are over 18, or are a mother of a daughter under 18, my 2-hour daughter's workshop highlights the psychological advantages of cyclically renewing through a femcentric lens: experiencing higher atunement and deeper understanding of Nature's seasonalities and Cycle Logic.


Women are lunarcentric by nature of their fertility cycle, which differs greatly from all other cycles in that she has the power to create new life. No other cycles can physiologically do this.


Over time, what happens to you spiritually, psychologically and emotionally if you choose not to create new life in the next lunation? Each month do you satisfactorily utilize your naturally creative renewable energy?



  • I will help you turn PMS to PMP (pre-menstrual syndrome to pre-menstrual power).
  • Discover the advantages and differences of your lunar returns and your natal lunar phase returns.
  • Learn how to sync with the moon.
  • Find out how dreaming with your menstrual phases helps you on many levels.
  • And, uncover more information that will change how you regard menstruation.



The issue we often overlook is: if super-imposed time LINES preoccupy us and disconnect us from our seasonal dynamics through the years, at what point in time will we burn out? 


Most women will attest, the menstrual phase is not easy to endure each month over countless years. As my colleague, Sharon Maloney explains, "In a culture based on masculine psychology and linear norms, women are expected (and expect themselves) to function in a linear, goal-oriented lifestyle indifferent to our needs and at odds with our cyclic rhythms and their unique gifts."

I believe that daughters will find not only spiritual insights and creative inspirations, but also psychological empowerment by deconstructing the taboo and replacing it with a strong fem-centric cycle logical foundation that takes into account every woman's unique lunar and cosmic connection. Would you like to reap the advantages and benefits available to you through an increased lunar consciousness and atunement? I would love to show you. If you have daughters under 18-years old, this specialized offering will be an invaluable life-changing gift to give to her. She will thank you for positively influencing her womanhood and improving her experience of future lunations to come.


2-hour long personalized workshop for daughters of all ages: $60 


Daughters under 18 years of age require parental written consent or mother/guardian must be present.




Please feel free to answer the questions however you feel is appropriate.


I will do my utmost to reply to you by email or phone call within 48-hours.


Thank you for your patience and I look forward to speaking with you.



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