An Astrological Reading of Your Natal Chart

Your natal horoscope is a source code of your originality.  

It encapsulates the moment of your first breath of life after the umbilical cord is severed.

Astrology is a form of divination. Its goal is to deepen our self-awareness, self-understanding, and self-love.

When I read your natal horoscope, we can explore your life's purpose, or we can find the root cause of any inner stressful challenges you are experiencing.  I can explain to you the hints from your chart that may unlock struggles and dissipate confusion. I can also help you master your talents and passions if you haven't already done so, so you may open up to your highest potential. 
I can show you the energy patterns of the clusters of planets in your natal chart, which have an influence on your personality and behavioral inclinations. I can calculate the timing of your major life changes and pinpoint transitions, so you can know precisely when these periods begin, peak and end. You can reassess the hardest years in your past and, as for your future, I can provide you with a time period list with explanations of upcoming emerging themes.  
I have observed life to be a test of our self-knowledge. It seems to me that the level of our self awareness determines how we take and pass these life tests. 
We can change and mature through strife, which is the pain of growing.  And whenever life retests us, we are asked to do something important; be true to ourself. 


Remember the sky you were born under.

Know each of the star's stories.

Remember the Moon.

Know who she is.


~ Joy Harjo


"After consulting a number of astrologers in the past 25 years, what sets Vanessa apart is her extraordinary ability to not just read but interpret the chart. She has an intuitive nature that is very right on. She is articulate and cultured and gives analogies to aid your understanding of your horoscope. Most astrologers sound like they are speaking Greek and I miss the meaning."   

Pamela, Scottsdale AZ

To book your astrology reading, please submit your PayPal payment first and then we will schedule your reading.

My hourly rate is $100/hour. Upon my receipt of your payment, I'll email you to schedule your astrological reading. You will need to confirm your date of birth, time of birth and location prior to the reading. I will send you a confirmation email with your natal horoscope and astrological transits for the years you wish to discuss. You may record your session, or if you would like me to do so, I would be happy to. We can use Skype, Facetime or Google Hangouts.

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