Private Ballet Coaching

Practice. Passion. Experience.

Before I was 16-years old, I had performed on world-class stages:

The Metropolitan Opera House at Lincoln Center in New York City and

The Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C.

I danced under the artistic directorship of legendary Rudolf Nureyev performing with

The Zurich Ballet, The London Festival Ballet, and American Ballet Theatre

between the years 1979-1983.

Vanessa Tiegs at age 13 rehearsing in a practice tutu as a scholarship student of The American Ballet Theatre School in New York City.

Dancing pairs refinement with passion, inner balance with self- awareness, and dedication with love.

Elongated balances combined with lines of musicality and perfect body alignment make dancing look effortless and graceful.

Executing multiple pirouettes on pointe in either direction entails perfecting a disciplined technique.

Mindfulness of physical body form is a continuing practice of self-awareness.

Mindfulness of energy form extends out and beyond the physical body.

To be or not to be ethereal... that is the question.

Artistry is a mythologically cultivated interpretation.

Talent develops from the tapping of energy clusters and patterns from within.

I also am a photographer and create professional portfolios for my students. This is an example of a portfolio I created for a dancer who was accepted into the Gelsey Kirkland Academy of Classical Ballet.

Vanessa is a true artist. As a former professional ballerina, she has an eye for detail and an instinctive sense of composition, elegance, and energy.  My daughter had a photo shoot with her for her ballet auditions, and we were thrilled with the outcome. Working with her was wonderful, from the start to the finish. I look forward to Vanessa expanding my daughter's ballet portfolio. 

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