Now you can see your entire life lived with all of its changes in true cyclical context. Using the Monthmatics system is easy, it takes one minute everyday, and supports the on-going monthly development of healthy mindful practices. Based on your natal lunar phase, you will gain the ability to understand your life in its 30-year long cycles. The system best serves students, dedicated creatives, and anyone keen on understanding the big overarching picture of their life.

Monthmatics introduces a cyclical monthly calendar based on the duration of a complete lunar cycle. The purpose of using the Monthmatics system is to enable you to visually assess, analyze and experience any cyclical aspect of your life in its unique context based on your natal lunar phase. This means, the phase the moon was in at the time you were born.

We each have a unique space-time existence. Mapping our life's progress onto your own Monthmatics' cyclical calendar will look unique. Use Monthmatics to measure the progress of any type of mindful practice on a monthly basis. For example, track, chart, and assess all of the changes in your personal finances, dream cycle, body weight, creative works, or fertility cycle, if you menstruate.

No matter how young or old you are, whether you are a man or a woman, using Monthmatics puts your life's transitions, changes, and transformational stages into their cyclical context. The system best serves students & creatives. Monthmatics will interest anyone keen on understanding the big overarching picture of their life.

The Monthmatics Cyclical Calendar Divides Into Four Weekly Phases

Week 1 = Phase 1

New Moon to

1st Quarter Moon



The 1st week of every cycle is good for listening well & mentally strategizing what you'll be developing and building next week. The energy this week is about re-emerging instinctually, and not in a pushed, hurried, careless or rushed manner.

Week 2 = Phase 2

1st Quarter Moon to Full Moon



The 2nd week of every cycle is energetic, like a shoot bursting out from under the ground. Now the pace of all activities accelerates. Now it is the time to expose the driving concept of your goals and to actualize & manifest your intentions. 

Week 3 = Phase 3

Full Moon to Last Quarter Moon



The 3rd week of every cycle is for sharing your hard earned results & enjoying the fruits of your labor. Your efforts last week had produced tangible results, so now make use of your achievements & share your learnings & accomplishments.

Week 4 = Phase 4

Last Quarter Moon to Dark Moon



The 4th week of every cycle is about refocusing, reassessing & reprioritizing your goals. What wasn't achieved? What still needs work next month? Reel yourself in. An opportunity to reform goals, evolve concepts, & rework projects is now.

4 lunar phases = 4 weekly practices

After practicing Monthmatics for 3 consecutive months, which is equivalent to one season of the solar year, you will be able to:  

  • excel by taking advantage of your natural natal lunar phase energy each month
  • pinpoint your current phase in your 30-year life cycle
  • trust your sense of timing no matter which week in the cycle it is
  • ground and discipline your intuition-hunches
  • consciously develop empowering healthy habits
  • achieve enduring results through cyclical progress
  • rely on the dependable steadiness of the lunar cycle (discover what the moon's regular rhythm offers you)
  • increase your momentum for cyclically developing your dreams & goals
  • renew when it is best and strive when it is easiest


  • Should I know astrology? No, it is not necessary.
  • Is my birthdate required? Yes, to determine your natal moon phase.
  • Can I take Monthmatics at my own pace? Yes, the lunar cycle is connective. Four weeks of exercises correlate to the four moon phases.
  • What will I need to do? Become more visually aware of the moon's changing phases and track your life progress using the Monthmatics cyclical calendar.
  • Does Monthmatics relate to the female menstrual cycle? Monthmatics reconnects us to the lunar cycle whether or not we menstruate.
  • So, men can learn Monthmatics? Absolutely yes!


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