Participants describe Monthmatics as "Transformational" and "Mind Opening." 


"Growth has its seasons."  ~ Chance, the Gardener, Being There


"To everything there is a season and a purpose,"  Turn Turn Turn


Monthmatics introduces a cyclical monthly calendar based on the duration of a complete lunar cycle and your natal lunar phase, meaning the phase of the moon when you were born.


The purpose of using the Monthmatics system is to enable you to visually assess, analyze and experience any on-going cyclical aspects of your life in their unique context. 


We each have a unique space-time existence. Mapping our life's progress onto our own Monthmatics' cyclical calendar is unique. Use Monthmatics to measure the progress of mindful practices on a monthly basis. Some examples are tracking and assessing fluctuating changes in your personal finances, dream cycle, body weight, creative work progress, or fertility cycle (if you menstruate).


No matter how young or old you are, or whether you're a man or a woman, using Monthmatics will show your life transitions, changes, and transformational stages in your personalized cyclical context. 


The system is great for students & creatives, but Monthmatics supports anyone keen on understanding the big overarching picture of their life.

INTRODUCTION: Do you feel like something is missing?

Are you becoming a human-doing instead of a well-balanced human being?


​Are you burned out and in need of renewal?


Do you feel like your life is not progressing in the direction you are trying to go?


Could you be missing a monthly reboot whenever the moon and sun appear in the sky to be passing by one another? 



Do you take the linear path or the cyclical path? It's your choice.

There Still Is "A Problem That Has No Name"

My Smith College alumna, Betty Friedan, called out "the problem that has no name" back in 1963. Her book, The Feminine Mystique, changed the lives of many American women. More than 50 years later, more women are successful world leaders than ever before. Yet, these emerging mindful women leaders insist that something is still missing in the big picture despite their success. Are they addressing the "problem that has no name?" 


"Women are struggling to prove themselves" and "seek an environment that allows us to flex our intuition," says Chantel Pierrat, who is exploring a feminine paradigm for business.

Cultivating Cycle Logical Time: Linear Time vs. Cyclical Time 

Solution: Monthmatics proposes a system that easily cultivates and activates the cycle logical perspective of time, which is having awareness of when the naturally recurring alternating states of expansion and contraction are occuring within any cycle and acknowledging a pause to renew before each progressive new cycle begins.

Cycles go through alternating states of energetic expansion and contraction. Before the recurring expansion state, a natural pause presents a renewal opportunity. Woman's fertility cycle demonstrates the cycle logical perspective of time. 


The cycle logical perspective supports monthly renewal, transformation & growth while connecting us pyschologically to the dependable rhythmic lunar cycle. Recultivating and reactivating lunar awareness depends on maintaining a daily practice of the cycle logical time.


The simplest way to reconnect with cyclical time is to regard the 4 phases of the moon's cycle each month the same way that we regard the 4 seasons of the sun's cycle each year.

Start using the 24-hour clock instead of the 12-hour clock and see how differently you perceive your cyclical daymatical life.

One exercise is to imagine a 24-hour cycle clock and notice if you perceive time differently?

Monthmatical Renewal: The Benefits of "Rebooting Yourself" Monthly


  • Your creativity will thrive (Monthmatics measures by how much)
  • You will discover greater endurance, 
  • You will create more enduring results
  • Your motivation will boost following every renewal period
  • Your life events will crystalize in the context of cyclical time
  • Your experience of time will change dramatically, becomeing so much more meaningfully through your reactivated cyclical awareness
  • Your chances of burnout are decreased or even removed


Monthmatics tracks your creative progress to empowers you to:


  • integrate cyclical time
  • positively transform
  • live "daymatically" as well as "monthmatically"
  • connect more easily to natural order shown in the cosmos
  • order your own chaos by offering you your own cosmetikos  
  • use affirmative terms and eliminate invalidating social constructs, such as:
Exposing and eliminating invalidating social constructs

I originally created Monthmatics in 1998 for Mindful Menstruators. My 2001 Qualitative Masters Study called, Spiraling Moon: A System for Menstrual Insight, increased the participants' intuition, improved their life, and supported their personal goals. This system can be implemented by non-menstruating women and men.

CONCLUSION: It's Time to Raise Our Lunar Consciousness

Solar logic is conscious - it feels like second nature to us. We follow the seasons. We know when the sunrise and sunset occur.  We know when it is high noon and midnight. Many of us even know what tropical zodiac the sun is passing through during any given month.


Lunar logic has been deeply unconscious to us for too long.  Monday, the day of the week most people dread, is named after the moon. Attending to lunar logic feels as hard as learning a foreign language. It is unfarmilar to us. For instance, what is the moon's phase right now? what is lunar phasal energy? What time does the moon rise? set? appear tonight? appear tomorrow? where are we in the current lunation? when will the moon be full again? when will it be the natural time for us to cyclically renew? when will the moon be dark again? What is a lunar eclipse? What is a solar eclipse? How many lunations old are we? When will we begin our next 30 year lunation cycle? 


After taking Monthmatics, you will command the answer to all of these questions and more.

From Monthmatics Module 1 - today's problem "that has no name"

"The further you look into your past,

the further you can look into your future."


Your natal horoscope reveals

how you're inclined to express your cycle logical power.

Contact me if you have questions. 

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