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About Vanessa Tiegs, artist and creative mentor

Artist Vanessa Tiegs grew up in midtown New York City during the 1970s and 80s and began her artistic career in the performing arts at the age of ten, performing on the Metropolitan Opera House stage at Lincoln Center with American Ballet Theatre.  By age fifteen, she turned professional performing with the Zurich Ballet Company of Switzerland in 1983 under the artistic direction of the late great ballet legend of the 20th-century, Rudolf Nureyev. 


Vanessa Tiegs is the creator of Spiraling MoonMenstralaMiniarcs, and VeryViVi.


Vanessa brings her creative intensity to mentoring students from around the world. Whether imparting her knowledge of classical ballet techniques and stage artistry to aspiring dancers or sharing her astrological insights about cyclical progress through life, Vanessa shows her students hidden worlds of meticulous details at inner depths. Helping her students evolve their talents into a mastery of impeccably high quality standards is her expertise as a mentor.





1985 Harvard University, Cambridge, MA

1989 B.A. Smith College: Phi Beta Kappa Cum Laude

          Major in Architecture, Minor in Music Theory

2001 M.A. New College of California, San Francisco, CA

2000 mentoring women through Spiraling Moon

1995 to the present - dedicated astrological studies and practice




Artistic Creations:


Vanessa's Menstrala have appeared in a number of academic journals throughout the world since 2003, as well as San Francisco art galleries, and an experimental exhibit onboard the U.S.S. Kitty Hawk Aircraft Carrier.  Her Menstrala have been featured in five international film productions. 


Vanessa's Miniarcs have been featured in magazine publications and several online miniature blog websites.  


At the very heart of Vanessa's life is her joyous loyal companion, Vivi, golden retriever coverpup for Dancers Love Dogs, a rapidly growing not-for-profit organization founded by Brigitte Reeve-Taylor in 2012, which donates 100% proceeds to neutering and spaying underprivileged homeless dogs in South Africa, of which over 5,000 animals have been helped to date.


Today, Vanessa lives in the high desert of Nevada, she mentors students privately via Skype, and is currently creating a new exposition narrating the passage of time she calls our "Galaxy Crossing." 


Interviews with Vanessa are accessible on this website. 




Artist's Statement


I see my art arising seamlessly through each and every medium that I frequent, or each creative seed that I plant.


I began my early life as a baby ballerina at age 15 and today am developing an astrological analysis of life's serendipitous and synchronistic coincidences as well as life's hardest, most painful shocking and sorrowful surprises forced on our lives.   I've entitled my upcoming new work "Galaxy Crossing" after one of my Menstrala. "Galaxy Crossing" is one root in a thousands seeds planted many years ago.


My experience as a ballerina has truly touched everything I have ever done, even the projects and interests which seem unrelated to dance, such as designing and building Miniarcs.


I coined the word Menstrala as the name for my collection of 88 original paintings that I created over the course of three years. Menstrala affirm the hidden forbidden bright red renewal cycle and embrace the wonders of womanhood which naturally would be the true rhythms of life if only the lunar cycles were followed along with the solar cycle. I choose to address menstruation visually by elaborating artistically on this part of life we too easily forget. If we can deconstruct and disenable the menstrual taboo, we might be able to insert new found respect and a correct understanding of menstruation as the most intimate cyclical connection women have with the cosmos and Creation. Afterall, menstruation was the original taboo created by the females who menstruated at the dark moons and brought consciousness to create culture, whether via calendaring their own menstrual cycles and pregnacies, or wearing cosmetics (the ordering of the cosmos in a visual language that speaks to both sexes), plus a whole lot of other subjects worthy of cultural discussion.

May the word Menstrala become universal, just like our cycles.

I have donated proceeds from the sale of my prints and originals, but at present, my art works are not for sale.

Vanessa Tiegs

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