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Artist, astrologer, and creative mentor, Vanessa Tiegs, is a modern-day Renaissance woman. Empassioned by astrology, painting, classical ballet and modern design, she is also disciplined in classical music and old style calligraphy.  She completed her liberal arts education in Architecture and Music Theory, and completed her Masters Degree in Women's Spirituality. She has lived in the United States and in different parts of Europe during various stages of her life and has taught hundreds of women of all ages from around the world.


Vanessa began her early artistic career in New York City at the age of ten, performing on the stage of the Metropolitan Opera House at Lincoln Center with American Ballet Theatre from 1977-82.  By age 15, she joined the Zurich Ballet in Switzerland, performing as the youngest corps de ballet member under the artistic direction of the late Rudolf Nureyev, the greatest ballet legend of the 20th-century. 


While she had years of experience being coached and privately mentored by some of the greatest teachers in ballet history, today, Vanessa brings her creative intensity to mentoring her own students.


Whether coaching dancers or teaching astrology, art or photography, Vanessa helps her students master impeccable standards and pursue their life quests with deeper consciousness, confidence, and connectivity to all things and people around them.





1978-82 Amercian Ballet Theatre School, New York, NY

1985 Harvard University Summer School, Cambridge, MA

1989 Smith College, B.A. Phi Beta Kappa Cum Laude 

1995 to the present - Studies in Three Disciplines of Astrology *

2001 New College of California, M.A. Women's Spirituality


* Vanessa combines aspects from three schoolings of astrology into her client readings: Hellenistic Astrology, Karmic Astrology, and Evolutionary Astrology as taught to her by her teachers Demetra George, Zsuzsanna Griga, and Kim Marie Weimer.



Artistic Creations





At the heart of Vanessa's life today is her joyous and loving golden retriever, Vivi,  who is the coverpup for Dancers Love Dogs, a non-profit organization founded in 2012, which donates 100% proceeds to sterilizing homeless dogs in South Africa, of which over 8,000 animals in shelters have been neutered and spayed to date.


Today, Vanessa lives in Nevada and is designing an astrological piece that narrates the passage of time she calls our "Galaxy Crossing." 


Interviews with Vanessa are accessible on this website. 



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