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I will be teaching Spiraling Moon for FREE to the first 3 new students who sign up.


Spiraling Moon is a one-hour course explaining why and how synchronizing with the cosmos, in particular, our lunar cycle, makes us thrive as we actively pursue our goals. 



"Remember the moon. Know who she is."  ~ Joy Harjo, Remember


"Growth has its seasons."  ~ Chance, the Gardener, Being There


Welcome. I am a creative mentor and artist of different mediums. I enjoy teaching creative skills, ballet technique and astrological knowledge to those seeking practical results. I began studying astrology in 1994 and I have taught hundreds of students around the world in both ballet and astrology for more than 20 years. 


In the 80s, I was a professional ballerina at age 15, performing on stage and under the directorship of Rudolf Nureyev. I have lived in Zurich, Paris, Amsterdam, New York, and San Francisco. During 1994-1998, I traveled to Malta, Crete, Sardinia and countries of "Old Europe" to visit numerous Neolithic megalith sites during my archaeology studies. In 2001, I earned a Master's Degree in Women's Spirituality from New College of California and I graduated from Smith College, Phi Beta Kappa, Cum Laude with a major in Architectural History and a minor in Music Theory.  

Modern miniatures built in the scale of 1-inch equals one foot.

Private coaching for dancers who are preparing for auditions and performances.

A series of 88 paintings affirming the hidden forbidden bright red cycle of renewal. 

Free course on how to harness cosmic cycles.

Private personalized mentorship.

Personalized astrological guidence.

Vivi the cover pup has internationally licensed photos and her own greeting cards with Avanti Press.

Vivi is the poster pup for Dancers Love Dogs, a non-profit that raises funds to sterilize sheltered dogs.

The place to see playful, adorable dogs, big, small, young and old. Brought to you by Very Vivi.

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