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Impassioned from a young age by balletastrologypainting, photography, and design, Vanessa Tiegs also studied classical piano and calligraphy. She completed her liberal arts education in Architecture and Music Theory from Smith College, and attained her Masters Degree in Women's Spirituality. She has since then mentored hundreds of students.


She lived on the east coast and spent over a decade in Europe living in Zurich, Paris & Amsterdam at different stages of her life. She lived and worked in the San Francisco Bay Area for 12 years. Recently, she relocated to the southern desert mountains of Las Vegas to rebuild her life again after the passing of her life partner.


In her free time, Vanessa mentors students in astrology and dance while spending most of her time in the company of dogs.

Dance Coach





Vanessa's Formal Education:


1978-82 Amercian Ballet Theatre School, New York, NY

1985 Harvard University Summer School, Cambridge, MA

1989 Smith College, B.A. Phi Beta Kappa Cum Laude 

1995 to the present - Studies in Three Disciplines of Astrology *

2001 New College of California, M.A. Women's Spirituality


* As an astrologer, Vanessa combines three schools of astrology (Hellenistic, Karmic, and Evolutionary), as taught to her by her astrology mentors Demetra George, Zsuzsanna Griga, and Kim Marie Weimer, over the course of many years of her private studies, which began in 1995.

Vanessa and her sweetheart, Vivi.

Vanessa with Vivi
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