Monthmatics is a 4-module course. It puts the practice of mindfulness and creative work projects into a larger cyclical context - a 29.5 year cycle known as the progressed lunar cycle. I have taught Monthmatics one-on-one to students privately and in small group workshops. Today, I am finishing four illustrative course books.

Menstrala are my 88 paintings affirming the hidden forbidden bright red monthly renewal cycle. The word Menstrala has now become the name of a global menstrual art movement. My paintings have appeared around the world in international films, journals, academic texts, art magazines, newspaper articles, and even onboard the U.S.S. Kitty Hawk aircraft carrier in 2003. Two Menstrala are collaborative paintings created with Red Hot Chili Peppers rock musician, Dave Navarro.

I recreate the stars' stories in my art. Self-taught since 1998, I use both western (tropical zodiac) and eastern (sidereal zodiac) systems - not excluding either school of ancient teachings. I selectively use delineation techniques from several astrological methodologies, including Hellenistic, Vedic, Evolutionary, and Karmic practices. 

I am extremely proud to be creatively affliliated with Dancers Love Dogs, a non-profit South African dance organization that annually performs to continually raise funds for sterilizing thousands of sheltered dogs each year.

Empassioned by the above and more, I make my wish for "la joie de Vivi," that pure joy be felt in the things we learn to do. My motto is, Vivi for Life.

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