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Vanessa Tiegs, M.A.



Map your own life in cyclical context based on your birth time and location.



Cyclical beings resonate with the four seasons  

created from the changing angles

of the sun's rays over the course of a solar cycle.




The planetary angles measured from the sun's rays

also have energetic effects on cyclical life.



Learn the cycle logic behind the four tropical seasons.

Live in tune with the sesaons of planetary cycles.

Increase your natural magnetism.

Become conscious of your vibration.



Find your own answers to these questions:


EARTH :: Capricorn

How does the season in which I am born reflect my character? How does the hour I was born effect my overall outlook on life? What phase of my Saturn cycle am I in right now?


FIRE :: Aries

How intensely does my Mars frequency motivate my free will? How do I instinctually strategize getting things I want out of life so that I am successful and self-accomplished?


WATER :: Cancer

What things in life do I emotionally resonate with most that give me my sense of security and influence my levels of hope, optimism, care and conviction?


AIR :: Libra

How does my natal Venus frequency directly reflect my self-worth to produce a sense of harmony with others? How can I magnetize what I ask for?


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