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Discover the Seasonal Nature of Your Personal Stars

So They Continually Illuminate

the Path to Your Dreams Wherever You Are






Indeed, you and I and everyone are cyclical beings. But just how conscious are we that we cycle not only with the Sun through its four seasons, but also with the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn?  How do the cycles of these planets also energetically effect us?


This Master Class will explain how you can experience and perceive your life within its unique cyclical context based on your birthtime. Once you start following the psychology of the seasons with your personal star alignments from birth, you will untap unlimited harmony within yourself which will naturally open you to know your special magnetic powers. Being in tune with your heavenly cycles results in higher vibrations.



My 4-Hour Master Class for Individuals will:


(1) explain the logic behind each of the four tropical seasons


(2) teach you how to intuitively follow any cycle using my Lunarscope


(3) provide answers to the questions below


(4) help you assimilate and apply your learnings to enhance your life further

Get answers to these questions:


EARTH :: Capricorn

How does the season in which I am born reflect my character? How does the hour I was born effect my overall outlook on life? What phase of my Saturn cycle am I in right now?


Grounding your life into its unique cyclical context will allow periods of accelerated change to support you. I will reveal your larger 29-year cycle and map out where you currently are in all of your planetary cycles.




FIRE :: Aries

How intensively does my Mars frequency motivate my free will? How do I instinctually strategize getting things I want out of life so that I am successful and self-accomplished?


Discover the underlying powers of your energetic signature in your horoscope to purify and spark your work life, business connections, and personal relationships. Get the dates of your planetary blessings.




WATER :: Cancer

What things in life do I emotionally resonate with most that give me my sense of security and influence my levels of hope, optimism, care and conviction?


Are you a creative expressing your divine inspiration? Have your dreams come true? I can help you open that mystery door to fulfill your aspirations by utilizing the sacred geometric patterns created by your planets.


AIR :: Libra

How does my natal Venus frequency directly reflect my self-worth to produce a sense of harmony with others?


Do you magnetize what you desire? I will interpret your star stories so your birthgiven brilliance shines. If you know your birth time & location, I will diagram for you how your feminine and masculine energies combine to create your magnetic circuitry.


A Mother & Daughter Workshop

On Mindful Menstruation


Over the years, I have had the pleasure of helping mothers and their young daughters untap the powers of the menstrual cycle.


My workshop highlights the psychological advantages of cyclically renewing through a femcentric lens:

Begin living with higher atunement and deeper understanding of Nature's seasonalities.


Women are lunarcentric by nature of their fertility cycle,

which differs greatly from all other cycles

in that she has the power to create new life.


What happens to you spiritually, psychologically and emotionally

when you choose not to create new life each lunation?


Turn PMS to PMP (pre-menstrual syndrome to Pre-menstrual Power)

Discover the important advantages of your lunar returns and your natal lunar phase returns.

Learn how to correctly synchronize with the moon.

Find out how dreaming with your menstrual phases helps you on many levels.

And, uncover more information that will change how you experience menstruation.


2-hours private workshop for mothers and their daughters under 18 years old: $240



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