Let whatever you love doing the most define who you become.


(If you love doing many different things, integrate them and all the things you love doing will naturally connect you and lead you through your life journey. Bells are waiting to be rung).


Approach life like the final moment of a last performance... precious and memorable. 


As a former ballerina, (who performed on stage with Rudolf Nureyev in the early 80's while traveling, performing and living in Europe) I now mentor and coach young dancers who are developing artistry and perfecting classical ballet technique. As a dancer who loves dogs, I am affiliated with Dancers Love Dogs. As an artist, I watch the stars and strive to express and interpret their many inspiring qualities. As a woman empassioned by all the above in life, and more, I make my wish for La Joie de Vivre. 


Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. In addition to coaching dancers, I am a creative mentor with a Masters Degree, Phi Beta Kappa, and 20 years of astrological studies with several world famous astrologers. I teach group workshops, present lectures, and mentor students one-on-one. Several of my creations have appeared in numerous international documentary films and scholaastic journals. I am the artist who coined the neologism, Menstrala.



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