Spiritual Advisor


Since 1993



Discover the sacred

geometry in your natal

horoscope, the time space

moment of your birth.


Learn where you are

in the cyclical context of

the celestial spheres.

The human psyche is



through the cyclical


of seasons, months, 

hours, minutes and



Your natal horoscope

gives you a

precisely delineated

blueprint of your



your unique

and powerful



For astrology

is the code

of magnetism.



we exist

inside a giant

sound wave 

which could

explain why

time is cyclical,

magnetism is toroidal,

consciousness is spiritual.



~ Vanessa Tiegs, M.A.

Venus Geist,

Artist, Ballerina, Pianist,

Astrological Spiritual Advisor



Mother of Menstrala,

Inventor of Monthmatics


Follow The Logic of Cycles

To Address Cycle Logical (or seasonal) Questions:


EARTH : Capricorn

AIR : Aquarius

WATER : Pisces

Does the Earth's season when I was born shape my character? Does my hour of birth influence my outlook? Where in my 30-year Saturnian cycle of maturity am I? What eccentricities do I offer humanity? How empathic am I toward the world around me?


FIRE : Aries

EARTH : Taurus

AIR : Gemini

How does the 687-day cycle of Mars motivate my will power? Am I sufficiently meeting all of my survival needs? How do I process information and communicate with others to be adequately heard and fully understood?


WATER : Cancer

FIRE : Leo

EARTH : Virgo

Why and how does the moon cycle emotionally trigger my sense of security, sometimes raising my optimism more times than other times? How do I creativity follow my heart? What am I discerning as valuable?


AIR : Libra

WATER : Scorpio

FIRE : Sagittarius

How does the 584-day cycle of Venus effect my self-worth and how well I harmonize with others? When in its cycle will I attract what I desire? How will I grow with what attain?



"Every living being

is an engine geared

to the wheel work

of the universe.

Though seemingly affected 

only by its immediate surroundings,

 the sphere of external influence 

extends to infinite distance."

~ Nikola Tesla

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