Use Monthmatics to experience your life, career and creativity in real cyclical context. Also use Monthmatics to navigate your 30-year Saturn cycles with powerful insight. Following the synodic lunar cycle using the Monthmatics calendar supports the success of healthier mindful habits and deeper life-awareness.

I mentor and artistically coach young classical ballerinas on their solo variations. I also teach dancers how to successfully execute multiple turns (up to 6) in either direction using a proven training technique for controling centering while in spinning motion.

Seeking joy and love via Vivi, my golden retriever born on Summer Solstice 2009.

I am affiliated with Dancers Love Dogs, a non-profit created in 2012 founded on love and compassion for animals. Dancers perform free of charge, donating their time, energy, and creative resources annually to helping sheltered animals in South Africa.

Menstrala, the name of my 88 paintings, refers today to a worldwide art movement. 

I recreate the stars' stories in my artwork. 

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