I am an artist experienced in the disciplines of

ballet, classical pianoarchitectural designphotography, & painting.  




 1967-1983 (ballet years)

Born in 1967, my mother introduced me to the world of classical ballet at the age of 5. By 10, I was dancing en pointe and was given the opportunity to play the role of Young Christina (played by Susan Lucci) on the popular soap opera at that time, All My Children. The American Ballet Theatre School in NYC awarded me a full-time scholarship in 1978, where I formally trained until 1982. At age 15, I turned professional as the youngest corp de ballet member of the Zurich Ballet of Switzerland.


1984-1999 (education & living in Europe for 9 years)

After I left the ballet world due to chronic chin splint injuries, I pursued a formal education. I entered Harvard's Summer School in 1984, and in 1989, I graduated from Smith College Phi Beta Kappa, Cum Laude, majoring in Architecture and minoring in Music Theory. I worked in NYC for an architect for 2 years, and then moved to Amsterdam in 1991, where I lived abroad as an American ex-pat until December 1999. During my 9-year residence in Europe, I traveled to famous Neolithic archaeological sites, the most memorable site being the 5,000-year old Hypogeum in Gozo, Malta.


2000-2004 (artistic years)

I returned to the States just a week before the turn of the millennium alone and with just two suitcases. By 2001, I finished the requirements for my Master's Degree in Women's Spirituality from New College of California in San Francisco. My qualitative study (Spiraling Moon: A System for Menstrual Insight) for my community service practicum became the foundation for Monthmatics. It was during this time I also began a personal journal of 88 paintings affirming the hidden forbidden bright red renewal cycle. By the power of naming my series, Menstrala, I coined a neologism, which has now become the name of a woman's art movement today. 

2005-2009 (corporate years)


I also worked 15 years, off and on, in international corporations, including Sony Europa while I was living in the Netherlands and consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton in San Francisco from 2005-2009.

2009-Present (Vivi years)

I am a solopreneur and widow since 2013 by the man who gifted me my Golden Retriever, Vivi, my co-pilot.


Vivi and I enjoy being in the company of dogs. And, when we can, we take trips to California, visiting our old stomping grounds where Vivi learned how to swim as a pup. I named her after la joie de vie, the joy of life.


Live, love, bark, play...



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