• Graduated from Smith College, Northampton, MA, 1989 with honors
  • Cum Laude, and member of the honor society of Phi Beta Kappa 
  • Former professional ballerina & ballet coach
  • Creator of Menstrala & Monthmatics
  • Loves the company of dogs and, today is Anthem's Pet Sitter & Photographer

 Performance Years: 1967-1983

Born in August 1967, I began classical ballet at age five. By age 10, I was dancing en pointe (on my toes), performing the role of Young Christina (played by Susan Lucci) on the popular televsion soap opera at that time, All My Children.


I attended the American Ballet Theatre School in New York City on an awarded full-time scholarship in 1978, where I had my formal training until the age of 15 in 1982.


In Spring of 1983, I was invited to become the youngest corp de ballet member of the Zurich Ballet, dancing on American tour under the artistic directorship of Rudolf Nureyev and performing on world class stages, such as the Kennedy Center and the Metropolitan Opera House at Lincoln Center.


Explorative Years: 1984-1999

After chin splint injuries shortened my dance career, I attended Harvard Summer School before entering Smith College, where I graduated Phi Beta Kappa, Cum Laude, majoring in Architecture and minoring in Music Theory in 1989.


I worked in an architecture firm in NYC for 2 years, before leaving the States and moving to Europe in 1991. As an American ex-pat, I lived in Amsterdam & Paris until December 1999. While living abroad, I visited Neolithic archaeological sites, the oldest and most mysterious site being the Hypogeum in Gozo, Malta and the most heavenly place being Santorini, the island in Greece. 


Formative Years: 2000-2004 

On the eve of the millennium, I left Europe to live in San Francisco. By 2001, I finished the requirements for my Master's Degree in Women's Spirituality from New College of California in San Francisco. 


My qualitative study for my community service practicum became the foundation for my later work, Monthmatics. Between 2000-2003 I published one of the first online blogs that presented my 88 paintings, called Menstrala, which today, names a global art movement whose medium is the message.

Corporate Years: 2005-2009 

Throughout my life, I have worked in business teams, beginning at Grey Advertising in NYC, to becoming an event coordinator at Sony Europa in Amsterdam, a recruiter in a law firm, a manager for the monthly renewal process in a D&O insurance firm, and, from 2005-09 a Senior Executive Assistant at Booz Allen Hamilton in San Francisco. 

Solopreneur: 2009-Present 

Today, I am a solopreneur, widowed by my life-partner who gave me my golden retriever, whom I named Vivi after la joie de vivre, the joy of life, for that she is.


After living in the San Francisco Bay Area, Vivi & I moved to Anthem, in Henderson, Nevada to join my family. I established Anthem's Pet Sitter in 2015, to serve my community and continue photographing dogs.


I also mentor young dancers, practice astrology, and am the creator and founder of Monthmatics, a revolutionary calendaring system that shows life in cyclical context.


Live, love, play.

Vanessa Tiegs, MA


Dancers Love Dogs

Non-profit organziation helping thousands of sheltered dogs each year in South Africa. Dancers donate their time, talent & resources by annually performing free of charge, raising funds for the mass sterilization of homeless dogs in Capetown, Durban & Johannesburg, South Africa. More than 9,000 sterilizations have been done since Brigitte Reeve-Taylor founded the non-profit in May 2012.


Vivi's Ballerina Dreams (A photo series by Vanessa Tiegs) is dedicated to Gelsey Kirkland & Dancers Love Dogs.

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